Two Bikes Across America supports Edinburgh Festival of Cycling


The Edinburgh Festival of Cycling will be running for the first time between 15th and 23rd June 2013. We will be cycling somewhere round the Great Lakes during that week. We send apologies! Edinburgh, Scotland is our home city and we will be sorry to miss the festival.

Edinburgh prides itself on being the City of Festivals. There are festivals for The Arts (and their attendant Fringe), Books, Films, Science, and even Storytelling. Edinburgh also has ambitions to be a Cycling City. It was the first UK city to signed the Charter of Brussels and is currently committing 6% of the city’s transport budget to cycling. Edinburgh is trying hard to be a good cycling city.  As a proper Edinburgh style festival, the Edinburgh Festival of Cycling will last at least a week (nine days, in fact) and act as a real showcase for all aspects of bicycle culture and the host city. From rides (sporty and otherwise) to family activities to a range of cultural events,

Chris & Catherine are Bronze sponsors of the The Edinburgh Festival of Cycling. You can sponsor EDFOC too?