Transamerica final training and shipping bikes

Shiiping bikes today to Los Angeles, think this is safer to get a fixed delivery rather than flying with us on Virgin next week. Bike boxes packed. Its mission critical the bikes must arrive. Else could be very embaraasing and expensive if no bikes in LA.

Last sunday Catherine and I rode Edinburgh-North Berwick-Kincardine Bridge-Edinburgh. A mere 112 mile loop. We were pretty slow. The ride to North Berwick was a whirlwind, cruising at over 22mph. Then from North Berwick to Kincardine we were heading straight into a 22mph wind gusting to 46mph! It was really miseable hard going. Bikes behaving very well. Bought some more clothing at the Scottish Bike Show at the weekend.

Catherine has been doing a lot of swim training at the Commie Pool, has dragged me along and I swam a mile for the first time in years in a 50m pool. Not sure we can do much more training. Fortunatley neither of us injured whilst training. My personal trainer Colin Wycherley has been absolutely terrific and has done a lot of deep pressure massage on my legs, breaking down all the Fuzz. Legs feeling pretty good and strong.

Having trouble finding spare spokes for my Shimano WH-RS10 Wheels, Expect may just be easer to get a spare wheel. Need some carbon bike seat post grease.

Exciting times!


5 thoughts on “Transamerica final training and shipping bikes

  1. Jim Lyle

    I’m Jim Lyle and rode XC09 with CR. I live near your starting point in Manhattan Beach. If you need anything on this end, don’t hesitate to let me know. I’m green with envy; you’re going to have a fantastic adventure.

  2. Ronan Kavanagh

    Congrats on undertaking this brave adventure. If you need any help promoting / posting anything on Twitter, just ask. @ronantkavanagh

    1. ollie9999 Post author

      thanks, that’s very kind thanks for your support to WaterAid too. Follow our updates, we look forward to your commnets and support. Chris & Catherine

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