Daily Archives: May 3, 2013

My Bike is my Psychiatrist @blondiheatherX


Yesterday had a very pleasant but probing BBC Radio Scotland Interview with Heather Suttie for a forthcoming program (to be broadcast in June sometime) on “The Day I Changed My Life”. This was a bit more than some of the interviews I have done on my weight loss. Reflecting afterwards was a bit like an episode of “in the Psychiatrists Chair”, I did not mind at all, but the interview bought back my whole life and my relentless battle with obesity and getting back to fitness. Amazingly I have stayed mostly sane and have had great support from my wife Jo and my daughters. I still have “stuff” to think through. I do not think the battle will ever go away. I’m sure all the bike riding has kept me from getting depressed, probably all those endorphins when not able to eat. We discussed a lot of issues relating to the day, diet, obesity stigma, work, exercise, adventure, mechanics of the bariatric surgery and death. Significantly the clock is ticking Certainly think its time to write another bucket list of things to do,