Daily Archives: May 9, 2013

Shipping bikes to America

CrossRoads banner in LA

With all good intent I shipped the bikes with UPS direct. Thinking that with the correct paperwork there would be no logistical problems and the bikes would get across Heathrow without any trouble. Anyway this was not to be the case, the bikes did arrive in LA but the carrier asked for a $900 brokerage fee (import duty), crazy as one of the bikes is a Scott and was effectively being bought back into the USA. We were give a 1-800 number to phone and told we could pay the fee with local cheques. Impossible. To find a number to call UPS in the USA its easier to Google the topic than use their automated telephone answering service that forbids any human contact. Jo my wife and Elizabeth Abele in New York City, our lifelong family friend both spent a day on the phone and Internet Tuesday getting the delivery sorted. UPS in the UK were not helpful offering a 24 hour response. The local Edinburgh shipping office UPS was more helpful and had done all they could to ensure correct paperwork. Elizabeth found out that there was a US customs form that had to be completed. Once this form was cleared then the bikes got delivered and the fee was crushed. I should have just used a cardboard box and flown with Virgin Atlantic. So direct shipping (a bike = vehicle not for import) to the USA with UPS in a hurry and not knowing what magic form you need to fill in is a minefield!