Getting hot

Today rode from Riverside to Indio via Palm Springs. It’s getting very hot to ride was 117 degrees which is almost 47 C. Keeping cool and getting enough fluids and enough to eat is a major problem. Gatorade, ice, chocolate milk have kept me going? We have two days of crossing deserts, is physically and mentally quite challenging. 


6 thoughts on “Getting hot

  1. Tom XC12

    Chris, Great job on the first two days….
    I live in SoCal and I can attest that the WX was a bit hotter than normal over the weekend, at least in the LA basin. Congrats that you made it the first two days….. if its any consolation, as you climb up thru the CA desert you do actually get into a bit of cooler climate.
    Take it one mile and one day at a time and you will do just fine.


  2. Sue Mosley

    You’re never far from my mind as you do this. Just keep drinking the stuff and turning the pedals!

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