Cycling over The Continental Divide

Emotional climb up and over the Continental Divide, the 7000feet plus watershed between Pacific and Atlantic oceans. To think seven years ago I could only ride a bike 200 yards. This is the second time I’ve got emotional and cried on the bike. First time was last week when I went over the Mingus Mountain and descended into Prescott. Never thought I could ever do cycling like this. Have thought a lot about all the advice my trainer, Colin Wycherley gave me over the years since my surgery, the knowledge that I can really push myself and stay mentally tough. I always remember a heavy weights session where Colin pushed me to failure. Not there yet. I now think I can complete this transamerica cycle.


4 thoughts on “Cycling over The Continental Divide

  1. Nige

    Well done! Just keep pushing the pedals, simple as that.

    If you are good to your body, it will do what you tell it!

  2. Martin Sproul

    Absolutely fantastic and I’m so jealous of your achievements. I’ve been through a ton of surgery too and have just had to cancel a lot of my planned goals. Well not cancel, postpone. I’ll bookmark your blog and keep up to date with your travels.

    Take care and best wishes from Scotland.

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