Made it to Santa Fe

End of week two and made it to Santa Fe. Getting fitter but combination today of: heat, climbing up to Santa Fe, altitude (7000feet), headwind and fatigue was very tough. Never done anything as hard as this in my life. Took a short bump in the van as just couldn’t keep the pedals turning. This picture shows a pound of fat versus a pound of muscle, seem to be converting to the latter, I know what I would prefer. Next week going over the Glorieta Pass, 7,500 feet and then it does get a lot easier cycling. Catching up on nutrition. Nothing hurts. nothing Aches. Rest day tommorow and plenty of sleep.


4 thoughts on “Made it to Santa Fe

  1. tony hill

    Well done. Enjoy santa fe, some great bars with live music and lovely architecture.
    I am really enjoying following your blog. Remember to enjoy every moment

  2. Malcolm

    Well done chris! I’m very impressed. We are off to Corfu tonight. Back a week on Monday. I’ve been having swimming lessons plus gym every day. Weight coming down!

    1. ollie9999 Post author

      Enjoy your holiday, you will have to look good for the wedding, we still have to organise your stag night!

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