I’m not sure if I’ve only just started noticing it, or that we’ve been going steadily uphill for the past few days but we seem to be reaching a fair few horizons. Being a diver and sailor I’ve always seen the horizon but never been able to reach it or even guess as to how far it is away.

Ricky and I have recently calculated that we think the horizon is about 6-8 miles away if you are riding at bike level. Once you reach one horizon, funnily enough another one presents itself.

A fellow Brit doing this cycle commented the other day that the sky looks bigger over here, I looked up agreed and then looked forward, spotted the horizon, and cycled towards it…


7 thoughts on “Horizons

  1. Mark Batey

    Hi Chris, glad your trip is going well. Looks like that practice run up Arthur’s Seat in the snow made all the difference – great preparation for Texas in the spring! Enjoy the miles rolling under your wheels.

    1. ollie9999 Post author

      mark, hi, nice to hear from you. Back riding ok. It was great to work with you on the BBC film. Tornado warnings over next few days look a bit scary! Best wishes. Chris

  2. Dr Bryan Greetham

    Thank you for your very interesting accounts of your journey. No matter how long or short, they have all been fascinating. One thing that I would find very interesting is to know what gears you have on your bike. Do you have a two or three cog chainset and what size are they? And what range do you have on the rear cluster?

    In the meantime, I hope you continue to enjoy your journey of a lifetime. Keep safe!


    1. ollie9999 Post author

      Bryan, I’m riding a Triple, I have a 30 on the back Cassette. My daughter is riding a compact but she’s 30 years younger than me. She has a 28 cassette on the back. However the roads we are on have had maximum grade of 6%. The heat in the Mojave Desert was hard. Going over the Rockies was Ok. The climbs are really long 12 miles of say 5%. We have lucky so far with the winds, yesterday riding with a 25mph+ tailwind. Tommorow it looks like we may be riding into a 22mph headwind. BW Chris

      1. Dr Bryan Greetham

        Thanks Chris. I’ll continue to follow you day by day. Good luck.

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