It's a hard life: Eat, Sleep, Bike across Kansas

Well that just about really sums up life at present, literally is Eat, Sleep, Bike. Wonderful flat, slightly rolling ride into Abilene, Kansas. A rest day tommorow. Bike and me running well. No hellish wind, well a bit of a side wind, but we made a major 90 degree turn initially and then the wind followed us for 40 miles for smooth run into Abilene. Catherine stayed with me today for most the ride, getting the hang of drafting now, Abilene looks a friendly place, home of Eisenhower.

Many have asked me how I got the time off from my job, well I look annual holiday May and for June it’s unpaid leave. I had to pretty much close down all my private practice for the duration. Thanks to my colleagues for covering me in the Edinburgh Orthopaedic Trauma Unit. There are a lot of changes in the unit at present, hope I still have a desk when I get back!

Sir Harry Burns, the Cheif Medical Officer for Scotland (and keen cyclist) has sent Catherine & I a message wishing us well, but he says that he has made a video mentioning our cycle ride and the Scottish Physical Activity Agenda. The video will be shown at the NHS Scotland Conference held in Glasgow in mid June. Sir Harry is giving a video presentation as he is away in the USA. So thanks Sir Harry, much appreciated.

My beard eradication auction, not surprisingly going slowly!