Just over 100 miles to cycle to the Atlantic Ocean at Boston

Today was a wet hilly day from Albany to Battleboro, VT. I have had trouble with both my hands having crushed both my median nerves in the carpal tunnels. I do not have carpal tunnel syndrome but I have muscle weakness especially in my right hand which affects my grip, it’s very difficult to brake and change gears. It will recover in a few days to weeks once I get off the bike.

Cycling an average of 85 miles has been truely exhausting. It’s a bit like running a marathon every day. It’s a bit like doing a job. The alarm goes off at 0530, it’s the worst bit of the day. 0600 breakfast, then riding by about 0700. Once I’m on the bike, I’m free from any worries. Nothing really gets sore. I just have a deep sense of fatigue. I was stronger in the hills of Missouri.  i just seem to have weaker legs despite the stretching I have done instructed by my friend and personal trainer Colin Wycherley. It’s still great fun.

i still have a lot to reflect on about the end of this ride. But yes I am planning to do it again if fit enough in ten years!



3 thoughts on “Just over 100 miles to cycle to the Atlantic Ocean at Boston

  1. Kim

    Planning to do it again in 10 years time, you think it will take 10 year to forget how hard it was? 😉

    A really impressive ride, I hope you will give a talk about it at next years Edinburgh Festival of Cycling.

    1. ollie9999 Post author

      Kim, you always have to have a bucket list of targets. To imagine that if I was healthy enough in ten years mentally is a good target for me. I will of course give a talk to EdFoc. Best wishes. Chris

    2. ollie9999 Post author

      Kim, it’s great to have a ten year target! To maintain fitness. will have to be healthy enough. Of course I will give a lecture for EdFoc. Best wishes. Chris

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