Sunday: Lands End to Bodmin

Brick's Ride Across the UK

We started at a relatively late 9:30am and headed to Lands End. The morning was a bit nippy and quite windy in the unusual wrong direction; after that the day was phenomenal–sunny but with a slight chill in the air. This was a 74.3 mile day with a ton of hills and 5500 feet of climbing. The downhills were steep, narrow and gave little help up the next hill. A hard days work to be sure. Elevation profile here:

The day started with a proper English breakfast. First, cereal with with what looked like a jam or fruit spread on top. Then scrambled eggs with salmon on granary bread. It was much better than the US style motel turn the cereal crank breakfast. Then time to ride and off to Land’s End, the very tip of England and the place of what self-purports to be the most famous sign in…

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