Ballater to Inverness

now over Cock Hill, just two days left of Brick Susko’s from NYC ride LEJOG, an excellent cycling blog

Brick's Ride Across the UK

Today’s ride was a challenge. It was only 74 miles but 5500 feet of climbing pretty much all concentrated in the first 35 miles. There were several climbs with 18 degree gradients but the kicker was right after Cock’s Bridge where the road abruptly turned upward at a 20 degree slope and continued for a mile varying between 16 degrees and 20 degrees with an occasional respite at 12. As we climbed we headed into dense fog and had no idea what was ahead. Finally, after several “dig a little deeper when you can’t dig no more” moments, the road flattened with what looked like a preciptous drop into the clouds off road on our left, then we descended slightly with great joy and then back into the fog for another quarter mile of the unknown at 18 degrees up. It was one tough climb and I now know that…

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