About Us

Hello. We are Chris and Catherine Oliver. How you doing?

So, about us. We’re a father and daughter combination living in Edinburgh, Scotland. Chris is an orthopaedic surgeon and Catherine is a student, currently applying for masters in marine environmental studies having spent 6 months in Fiji doing marine research and diving with sharks.

Chris is also heavily involved in cycling in Scotland, and as current chairman of CTC Scotland, he is very interested in initiatives to help improve cycle safety and pathways around the country. This came after slimming down substantially after undergoing weight loss surgery in 2007. Cycling for Chris has been monumental in this life changing period of his life.

For Catherine, she rowed for seven years, making it to international level at school. Cycling has always accompanied rowing but it has never taken precedence over the water sport. Until now.

For both of us, cycling is a recreational sport. We hardly race in it and very much use the bicycle as a way of staying fit, socialising and commuting to work and university.


3 thoughts on “About Us

    1. ollie9999 Post author

      Kevin, it’s turning into a very interesting experience, physically so hard, coping with altitude sickness, heat, fatigue. Emotionally ok.


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