The Cycling Journey

Chris Oliver (53) and his daughter Catherine Oliver (21) will be cycling from Los Angeles to Boston 3,415 miles in Summer of 2013.



4 thoughts on “The Cycling Journey

  1. Barton

    Morning Chris – it looks like you may be traveling through my families hometown of Hannibal, MO. Just wanting to know what route you are taking through Missouri, and thinking I may be able to give you some contacts (bikes & otherwise) while in you are in Northeast “Missour-ah” and in the KC area as well, if you need them!

    Looking forward to reading about your journey!

  2. davidalock

    Chris, Great ride. I hope you enjoy it. My wife (GP and prison doc) and I cycled around California and then 2000 miles across Mexico with our daughter in 1991. She was 2 then and in a trailer on the back of the bike. You are much more sensible getting her to do her own peddling. We have just rejoined CTC and plan 2 months cycling in France and then Cambodia later this year. Good luck, great charity and keep blogging as it keeps me sane at my desk until I can put on the lycra and leave. David Lock


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